Wire Trellis Systems

Ready sized stainless steel wire trellis kits for the ultimate DIY Green Wall solution.

Stainless Steel Wire Trellis Innovation

Covering an existing building with a green facade or green wall is becoming a popular way of reinventing old, tired buildings.

Structures that have become outdated or that lack a natural green element can be beautified by the deliberate greening of their surfaces.

Green Wall Wire Trellis Kits

Green Wall Wire Trellis Kits

Ready sized kits of Green Wall Wire Trellis system, supplied with all the components required to create an outstanding trellis system that will stand the test of time. All you need are a few simple tools from the shed.



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Tensioned Wire Trellis Kits

Tensioned Wire Trellis Kits

Introducing our new tensioned wire trellis kit with all the components you need to create a stunning trellis system.

Designed by our team after years of experience and research, offering you a strong and durable 316 grade stainless steel kit that is simple to install and will stand the test of time.

All our stainless steel wire trellis fittings are engineered and manufactured in the UK to highest specifications.

Made In Britain

Customer Feedback...

Customer Feedback
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Read what Bunny Guiness had to say about our Green Wall Trellis Systems in the Sunday Telegraph:

Sunday Telegraph Article on Trellis Systems

"Perhaps the ultimate system, Green Wall Trellis, is made by S3i Stainless Steel Solutions. This consists of wire, 'posts' and/or 'hubs' (mini bolts) of marine grade stainless steel.

They hold and tension the wire so you get it taut. The system is a neat design that is unobtrusive and highly practical.

The wires can go at any centres you like, vertical or horizontally or a combination. You can create any shape you like - a fan of wires for instance and you can extend
it if needed. They are available in packs, or you can buy the components.

To fix them, as with most systems, you drill the wall (usually into the brick/stone or mortar joint), pop in a rawl plug and then screw in the hub or post, before attaching the wire. They will last your plant's life time."

Read the full article here: Social Climbers: How To Cover A House In Plants

Gripple Garden Products

Gripple Garden Products

The Gripple Garden Trellis System is a quick and easy way to trellis climbing plants and fruits. The budget friendly nylon wire and tensioners are ideal use both outdoors and indoors, perfect for humid glasshouses.

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Wire Trellis Advice

Wire Trellis Advice

Check out our advice section with useful hints and tips for the use of wire trellis in outside environments, information for layouts, maintenance and planting advice.

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Wire Trellis Inspiration

Wire Trellis Inspiration

Our stainless steel wire trellis systems are suitable for private or commercial use, for inspiration and ideas please take a look at some of our wire trellis projects.

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Wire Trellis Components

Wire Trellis Components

Full range of individual wire trellis components in high quality 316 (marine) Grade stainless steel, ideal for creating bespoke and ambitious trellis layouts.

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Shade Sail Fixing Kits

Shade Sail Fixing Kits

Introducing our new stainless steel Shade Sail Fixing Kits, individual mounting kits available in a full range of wall mount, post mount and timber mount options.

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