Wire Rope Thimbles. Stainless Steel, Nylon, Heavy Duty

Thimbles - Hard Eye Rope Loops

Wire rope thimbles for forming hard reinforced eyes in wire rope loops. Thimbles are placed on the inside of the loop to retain the shape and protect the wire rope from damage.

Tip Always match your thimble to the same size wire rope, eg: 2mm thimble = 2mm wire rope.

Wire Rope Thimble Collection

What is a wire rope thimble?

Wire rope thimbles reinforce eyes made by looping the end of wire ropes and provide a longer lasting wear surface & help to support the wire rope eye.

We would always recommend using 7x19 Wire Rope with stainless steel thimbles.

Not suitable for use with 1x19 stainless steel wire Rope.

Simply loop the cable around the outer groove and secure with a ferrule or wire rope grip.

Wire Rope Thimble Creating Reinforced Loop

How do you use a wire rope thimble?

Creating a loop using a thimble with a ferrule.

Step 1

Simply lace the dead end of your wire rope through your ferrule and loop the end of your wire rope around the outer groove of the thimble.

How Create A Loop - Eye With A Thimble

Step 2

Pass the end back through the ferrule and pull-in the dead end to fit tight around the thimble.

Finishing A Loop - Eye Using A Thimble

Step 3

Once in place, we recommend using a crimping/swaging tool to compress the ferrule firmly onto the rope to hold your thimble loop securely.

Finishing Your Thimble Loop - Eye

Once fitted we recommend you load test your wire rope assembly with a load that is equal or greater than the expected load to ensure that your loop/eye performs safely.

Using wire rope grips

Alternatively you can use Wire Rope Grips to secure your thimble in place.
This method is quick and easy to install.

For further information on installation using a wire rope grips please - click here

Thimble Installation Using A Wire Rope Grip

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