Wire Rope Cutters, Tools and Accessories

Wire rope cutters, crimping and swage tools, adhesives, cleaners and balustrade fitting aids to make life easier.

Tools and Accessories

We are proud to supply the best quality products available - so it is only logical that we offer you the highest quality fitting aids and accessories.

Whether it be architectural, wire trellis, balustrade or glass we have put together a comprehensive collection of high quality tools, wire cutters, swaging and crimping tools, adhesives, cleaners and fitting aids to ensure your installation is as smooth as possible.

Crimping, Splicing and Swage Tools

Wire Rope Crimping Tools

We offer a full range of easy to use hand tools, Hydraulic tools and machines for crimping and swaging.

Swaging refers to the installation technique to permanently connect a swage wire terminal to a length of wire rope - ideal for loops and fittings.

Crimping and swaging service available
Please contact us on 01302 752 504 or Email us for further information.

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Balustrade Fitting Aids

Our collection of the essential tools and accessories you may require for your balustrade installation.

Balustrade Fitting Aids

Balustrade Tools :
Great range of: Tube Drilling Templates, Baluster Bracket Spirit Levels, Drill and Tap Sets, Hex Keys, Plastic Hammers for stainless steel and much more.

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Glass Fitting Tools :
Our glass fitting aids such as Suction Fitters, Plate Lifting Tools and Glass Supports will make installing your glass balustrade a breeze.

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Glass Channel Fixings and Tools :
Tools, Rubber Wedge Kits and accessories you will need to complete a beautiful glass channel balustrade.

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Wire Rope Cutters

Wire Rope Cutters

High-quality wire rope and steel cable cutters. Light and easy to handle, with incredible cutting capabilities.

The wide range of wire rope cutters we offer are precision made for strength and longevity making them suitable for professional use.

Offering you the best brands on the market

Felco - Sealy - Baudat
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Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters

Hydraulic Wire Rope Cutters

Superb high quality hydraulic wire rope cutters. Able to cut cables, wire ropes and even solid bar. Available in 3 sizes to cut up to either 20mm, 24mm and 32mm diameter. For peace of mind we also offer a full service and spares service.

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Adhesives and Cleaners

Adhesives and Cleaners

High strength adhesives and componds for stainless steel. Injection resins for fixing anchor points into awkward materials and masonry.

Cleaners for stainless steel and glass, ideal for removing heavy dirt and rust stains, not only do these products keep your products looking fantastic they will help to extend the life of your stainless steel.

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Screw Fixings, Nuts, Washers, Rings and Pins

Stainless Steel Screws and Bolts

Screws and Bolts

A full range of stainless steel screw fixings and fasteners for your project.

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Stainless Steel Anchor Bolts

Anchor Bolts

Stainless steel anchor bolts for installation in to concrete and masonry.

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Stainless Steel Nuts and Washers

Nuts and Washers

Nuts and washers in AISI-A4 316 grade stainless steel.

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Stainless Steel Rings and Pins

Rings and Pins

Stainless steel clevis pins, split pin, split ring, D ring and O rings.

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