Chemical Anchor Injection Resin - Polyester SF Resin

Chemical Anchor Bonding Resin

Injection Resins are used for fixing anchor points in awkward materials or where access may be difficult.

Chemical Anchor Injection Resin

Chemical Anchors - Injection Resin

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410ml Injection Resin 410 Polyester Resin 1 Nozzle CHEM-410 £15.00
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XPSF is a polyester based fixing resin, specially designed for medium load bearing applications such as brick, hollow or aerated concrete.

Polyester resin creates a stress free chemical bond between the stud and the substrate (brick, concrete or block).

Tubes come with one mixing nozzle. The 410ml tube requires the use of an applicator gun available from most hardware stores.

Suitable for indoor application - (low odour).

Cure times

Base Material Temperature C Gel Time (Working Time) Minimum Loading Time
35C 3mins 20mins
25C 8mins 20mins
15C 13mins 20mins
5C 21mins 30mins
-5C 50mins 90mins
-10C 60mins 180mins

Suitable for use with:

Chemical Anchor Injection Resin - Applications Chart
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