Wire Balustrade Infill Components and Fixings

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrade Components for Flat and Tube Mount

New range of DIY components to create your own bespoke balustrade wire infill.

Wire Balustrade Components and Fixings

Our wire balustrade infill kits have always been a big hit with customers, we have noticed that recently you have been asking for a component system that you can manipulate and construct yourself.

We are pleased to introduce our new swagless ball end tension adjuster, designed by us to offer a quick and easy way of applying tension to your wire infill without the need for pre-swaged end fixings.

The full range of ball end sockets for tube and flat mount, swageless ball end fitting and ball tension adjusters are now available as individual components, for you to pick and choose to suit your own requirements.

Our swageless fittings are designed to work with 4mm Ø 7x7 stainless steel wire rope.

Wire Balustrade Systems

For general information regarding balustrade wire you can visit our Balustrade Wire FAQ page.

Wire Balustrade Component Examples

Each run of balustrade wire infill should comprise of the following:

  • 1 x 4mm Ø 7x7 stainless steel wire rope.
  • 2 x Ball end sockets (1 for each end).
  • 1 x Swageless ball end.
  • 1 x Swageless ball end tensioner (for perfect wire rope tension adjustment).
  • 2 x Screw fixings for ball end sockets (1 for each socket).

Flat Mount

Flat mount ball end sockets are ideal for direct installation onto upright square profile timber posts, suitable for mounting on to masonry with the use of a plastic wall plug.

Wire Balustrade Components - Flat Mount

Simply view or download our installation advice below.

Flat Mount Wire Balustrade

Flat Mount Wire Balustrade Component Installation

Tube Mount

Scalloped ball end mounting sockets are designed to fit 42.4mm diameter stainless steel posts.

Wire Balustrade Components - Tube Mount

Simply view or download our tube mount installation advice below.

Tube Mount Wire Balustrade

Tube Mount Wire Balustrade Component Installation

Ready Sized Wire Balustrade

We offer a full range of ready sized wire balustrade DIY kits with a pre-swaged tension end fitting, simply cut to size and attach the DIY ball end for a fast and straightforward installation.

Our custom made to measure balustrade wires are supplied to your exact length, with pre-swaged ball ends for a sleek and secure fitting.

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