Maillon Rapide Quick Links - Standard

Maillon Rapide Oval Quick Link in 316L Stainless Steel

Strong quick link manufactured from marine grade stainless steel to the highest of standards, with quoted working load limit.

Maillon Rapide Standard

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Tightening Torque
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
3mm Maillon Rapide 3 31 8.5 4 160 0.30 RSL-030 £4.50
In stock
3.5mm Maillon Rapide 3.5 36 10 5 220 0.60 RSL-035 £4.54
In stock
4mm Maillon Rapide 4 39.5 11.5 5.5 280 0.70 RSL-040 £5.70
Low stock - Please Enquire
5mm Maillon Rapide 5 49.5 13 6.5 450 0.80 RSL-050 £6.55
In stock
6mm Maillon Rapide 6 57 14.5 7.5 650 1.20 RSL-060 £8.50
Low stock - Please Enquire
8mm Maillon Rapide 8 74 17.5 11 1100 3.00 RSL-080 £14.59
Out Of Stock
10mm Maillon Rapide 10 89 20.5 12 1800 7.00 RSL-100 £21.36
In stock
12mm Maillon Rapide 12 104.5 23.5 15 2500 9.00 RSL-120 £35.82
Out Of Stock
14mm Maillon Rapide 14 121 26.5 17 3500 12.00 RSL-140 £55.56
Please Enquire
16mm Maillon Rapide 15 140 29.5 19 4500 18.00 RSL-160 £86.30
Please Enquire

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Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel.
Quoted Working Load Limit
Product has quoted working load limit.
Polished Finish
Polished finish.
Maillon Rapide Quick Links


Maillon Rapide quick link in 316 grade stainless steel.

Each individual stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick link is stamped with the working load limit.

Made in France for generations - the Maillon Rapide name is synonymous with quality quick links.

The oval shape has been developed on the principle of a chain link fitted with manual nut opening.

Dimension Information:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Mallion Rapide Dimension Information

Using Maillon Rapide Quick Links

Always keep to the working load limit (WLL) that is engraved in kg on the side of the quick link.

A visual check of complete nut screwing is compulsory; no thread must be showing.

Maillon Rapide quick links are only to be loaded along the major axis.

We recommend that Maillon Rapide quick links should be carefully checked at regular intervals for wear and tear. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a quick link after checking, replace it with a new one immediately.

Maillon Rapide quick links are considered a permanent connector when fastened with a wrench to the appropriate tightening torque.

Maillon Rapide quick links should always be fitted with parts made of same material.

If connecting to chain, Always ensure that Maillon Rapide quick links and chain are of the same diameter.

Never connect any Maillon Rapide quick links onto a lifting chain.

Stainless steel Maillon Rapide quick links are suitable for use in salt water.

Suitable applications of use:

  • Aeronautics
  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • DIY
  • Entertainment
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Military
  • Parachuting
  • Paragliding
  • Professional Fishing
  • Sailing

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