Nicopress Hand Splicing Tool - Wire rope crimping tool

Nicopress Hand Tool for Crimping and Swaging Wire Rope Ferrules

Nicopress tools & ferrules allow quick & simple termination/splicing of stainless steel wire rope and synthetic ropes.

Nicopress Hand Splicing Tool

Nicopress Hand Splicing Tool - wire rope tool for crimping ferrules

Options Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
1.5-2.5mm Crimp Tool NPT1 £399.34
7-10 days
2-4.5mm Crimp Tool NPT2 £562.39
7-10 days
3-5mm Crimp Tool NPT3 £562.39
7-10 days
6mm Crimp Tool NPT4 £475.26
7-10 days
7mm Crimp Tool NPT5 £1,108.54
7-10 days
8mm Crimp Tool NPT6 £1,108.54
7-10 days

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The system is well proven, having been used in the aviation industry for 50 years.

Ferrules are available in zinc plated copper for use with stainless steel cable.

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