Stainless Steel Carabiners - Marine Carbine Snap Hooks

Stainless Steel Carabiner Snap Hooks

General Information

Carabiner Snap Hooks - Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.

Also referred to as a Carabiner or Karabiner - this stainless steel carbine hook has a sprung gate and it can quickly and reversibly connect components in safety-critical systems, such as in industrial access work.

Carabiners also available with a screw lock gate.

When used for access in commercial and industrial environments within Europe carabiners must comply with EN 362:2004 'Personal protective equipment against falls from a height'.

Locking carabiners have the same general shape as non-locking carabiners, but have an additional sleeve around the gate. The sleeve can be released along the gate and, when it is at one end of the gate, cannot be opened (except by releasing the sleeve and moving it to the other end of the gate).

This provides security against the carabiner opening accidentally, for example, if struck against a rock or if caught in a loop of rope. The sleeve can be either auto-locking or a twist-lock.

Kong Carabiners

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