Carabiner - Locking Screwgate - Asymmetric D - Blue

Screwgate Carabiner - Aluminium with Blue Anodised Finish.

D shape carabiner with screw thread lock in aluminium alloy, an ideal utility carabiner for attaching sporting gear.

Carabiner with Screwgate - D Shape - Blue

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12mm Carabiner 12 111.5 66.8 19 2600 CSG-120-BLU £13.54
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Lightweight, strong and durable locking carabiner with a classic hooked nose and screwgate sleeve.

Asymmetrical D Shape.

Manufactured from aluminium with bright blue anodised finish.

Screwgate in an easily recognisable yellow gold finish.

Easy to operate and lock firmly.

Gate Clearance: 19mm

Important: This carabiner is NOT intended for Lifting or Safety Equipment.

Dimension Information:

  • Diameter (): 12mm
  • Length (L): 111.5mm
  • Width (B): 66.8mm
  • Gate (C): 19mm
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