Bar Railing and Bar Fittings

Enhance Your Bar Experience with a Stylish Foot Rail

Bar Foot Rail and Handrail

High quality modular bar foot rail systems for use in pubs, bars, restaurants, shop fitting and residential settings. Bar foot railings add a great level of authenticity and comfort to any hospitality setting, with a full range of mounting brackets, end caps, tube connectors and elbows which connect together easily.

Benefits of a bar foot rail:

Ergonomic Support: Provides a comfortable place for patrons to rest their feet, reducing leg and back strain during extended periods of standing.

Durability: Our foot rails are built to withstand frequent use and are easy to clean and maintain.

Style Statement: Range of finishes to complement any bar design, from classic to modern. Options include satin stainless steel, brass effect, anthracite black and polished chrome finishes.

Bar Foot Rail System
Bar Foot Rail Finishes
Modular Bar Foot Rail

Mini Bar Rail Systems

Our mini bar rail system offers all the components you will need to create a modern and stylish gallery rail. Quick and easy to install and available in a choice of sizes, with options for both single and double height rails.

Commonly known as a 'Fiddle Rails' and are used on shelving in pubs, restaurants and on boats. Combining practicality with style to provide a secure and safe storage area.


6mm Bar Mini Rail

10mm Bar Mini Rail

8mm Square Mini Rail

Mini Bar Rail Systems

Glass Hanger Racks

Glass storage racks, perfect for storing wine, cocktail and champagne glasses in a safe, organised and accessible manner, ideal for bars, restaurants and homes.

Benefits of glass storage racks:

Space Efficiency: Hanging racks free up valuable counter and cabinet space, making your bar more organized and accessible.

Easy Access: Glasses are easy to reach, streamlining the serving process and enhancing the overall bar experience.

Protection: Hanging glasses upside down prevents dust from settling inside, keeping them cleaner and ready for use.

Aesthetic Appeal: Glasses displayed on racks add a professional and polished look to your bar.

Glass Hanger Storage Racks
Glass Hanger Racks

Planning a bar foot rail or bar handrail project

Bar foot rail positioning?

The bar foot rail height from the floor will depend on the bracket you choose, for the right amount of support we recommend positioning a bracket at no more than 150mm from each end of your foot rail, intermediate brackets should be spaced evenly between these end brackets with a recommended spacing of 700mm.

Create a Design Sketch

Use a measuring tape to calculate the dimensions of the bar and create a rough layout sketch to determine the ideal position of foot rests or handrail. Choose the style of mounting bracket to suit the look and feel of your project. Tip: Remember to take into account the foot rail bracket stand-off in your calculations.

From this you will be able to calculate:

How much tubing you will need, remember, it is always better to have too much than too little.

How many foot rail / handrail brackets, we recommend a spacing of no more than 700mm apart.

How many tube connectors, elbows and end caps are required to complete your design.

Planning a Bar Foot Rail

Typical Bar Railing Components

Stainless steel tube is available in lengths of 2.5 metres (2500mm), for lengths over 2.5 metres we recommend using an in-line connector for joining tubes together.

Bar Foot Rail Brackets
Floor, bar and combination mount foot rail brackets, in a wide range of distinctive styles and finishes, all designed for quick and easy installation.

Handrail and Arm Rail Brackets
Pillars and arm rail brackets designed for horizontal mounting, offering a quick and easy bar railing solution.

Tube Connectors and Elbows
These allow you to connect corners and lengths of tube together with the use of a high strength stainless steel adhesive.

End Caps
Provide the perfect finishing touch to any new bar rail, simply choose the style of end cap fitting to suit your setting.

Wall and Floor Flanges
Tube flanges can be mounted horizontally or vertically to create a secure fixing point.

Stainless Steel Adhesive
High strength stainless steel adhesive is required for a secure fixing of flush tube connectors and end caps.

Bar Railing Components
Bar Foot Rail Components
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