Flush Tube Connectors and Elbows for Bar Foot Railing

Flush Fitting Angle and In-line Tube Connectors for Bar Railing

Flush Elbows and Connectors for Bar Railing

To create a bespoke and stylish bar rail around corners you will need some basic connectors and elbows.

Flush fitting elbow connectors for tubular bar railing with fixed angle corners.

In-line connector are ideal for joining two tube sections together quickly and neatly, perfect for long runs of tube.

To fit flush with 38.1mm, 50.8mm diameter tube and 35mm x 35mm square tube.

Choice of finishes available: Stainless Steel effect, Brass effect and Anthracite.

Connector Finishes for Bar Fittings

Designed for quick and easy installation using high strength stainless steel adhesive.