Tube Mount Balustrade Cable Railing, Made to Measure

Stainless Steel Tubular Mount Balustrade Cables

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Tubular mount balustrade cable railing system

Designed to fit neatly on to 42.4mm diameter stainless steel posts.

Each cable is supplied to your specific dimensions and consists of:

  • 4mm diameter 7x7 stainless steel rope
  • Two tubular mounting sockets
  • One attached ball & one removable threaded ball
  • One tensioning adjuster with lock nut
  • Supplied complete with all relevant fixings

Delivered 3 to 5 days from order

Made In Britain
Stainless Steel Balustrade Cables

Tubular Mount Balustrade Wire, Ready Assembled

Options Wire
Code Price (inc VAT) (Length: 1 metre)
42.4mm Tube Wire Railing 4 42.4 B3-TB-04-A £47.76

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Fitting Stainless Steel Deck Cables

How to measure your tubular mount wires:

Deck Wire Balustrade Diagram

To order, enter the required length of deck railing cable assemblies at Step 2. Measure the distance between the centre of the inside faces of the tubular fixing posts in millimetres.

Remember - measure twice, cut once! Please be as accurate as possible. Each cable will have an adjustment of plus or minus 20mm.

Stainless Steel Deck Cables Adjustment

TIP: You can run deck cables up to 12.5 metres passing through intermediate posts to minimise the number of cables required!.


Deck Cables Running Through Intermediate

Feeding through posts:

The cable can run up to 10 metres in length and the threaded ball can be unscrewed allowing you to feed the cable through any intermediate tubular posts (you'll need a clearance hole of at least 7mm).

Stainless Steel Deck Cable Fittings


Balustrade cables are designed for fixing to tubular stainless steel posts using a scalloped socket and M6 screw.

Drill and Tap M6 Hole on Post

1. You will need to drill and tap an M6 hole into the posts to accept the socket and screw. ('tap' refers to the method of drilling a hole whilst adding an internal thread. A special drill bit is required to achieve this.)

2. Insert screw though mounting hub and thread into position onto your post, with the socket opening facing downwards.

Mount Socket onto Post

3. Use hex head key to tighten the M6 screw.

4. Once in place, always double check your socket is secure before attaching balustrade wire rope assemblies.

Mount Socket onto Post

5. Simply place your wire rope ball end through the underside opening of the mounting socket and pull into position so it sits fully engaged.

Stainless Steel Deck Cables in place


Preserve your view: An overall view of a stainless steel tubular balcony balustrade fitted with 4mm balustrade cable railing. The cables give a sleek finish and provide and unspoilt view from the balcony.

Preserve the View with Stainless Steel Deck Cables

Below is a close up showing the scalloped tube mounting sockets sitting cleanly onto the stainless steel upright baluster.

Deck Cable Sockets

Photos below show how the tube mount balustrade cable can accommodate angles by swivelling in its socket.

Deck Cables Articulating with the Stairs

The image below shows the cable passing through an intermediate tubular post. Cables can run up to 12.5 metres and still achieve good tension. We recommend upright post spacing to be 1.5 metres to 2 metres apart. Horizontal cables should be spaced at 100mm intervals.

Deck Cables Passing Through Intermediate Posts

This image shows the tension adjuster for the balustrade wires which provides a plus or minus adjustment of 20mm either way

Deck Cable Adjustment Fitting


Download Cable System Brochure


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