Kong Carabiner - Asymmetric - Stainless Steel

Asymmetric Carabiner by Kong - Individually stamped with Break Load

Distinctive asymmetrical shape carbine snap hook in 316 grade stainless steel with smooth action straight gate.

Carabiner Asymmetric - No Eye - Kong

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Break Load
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
5mm Carabiner 52 34 8 4.5 11 5 150 CAT-052-A £7.07
In stock
6mm Carabiner 65 40 8.5 6.5 14 6 150 CAT-065-A £7.56
In stock
8mm Carabiner 85 52 12 8 17 8 1500 CAT-085-A £10.78
In stock
10mm Carabiner 100 60 13 9.5 18 10 2200 CAT-100-A £17.50
In stock
11mm Carabiner 125 73 18 12 26 11 2800 CAT-125-A £22.15
7-10 days
13mm Carabiner 200 129 25.5 22 56 13 2400 CAT-200-A £40.46
7-10 days

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Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel.
Break Load
Product has stamped break load.


Kong carbine hook individually inspected and stamped with break load.

Asymmetric shape.

High polished A4 AISI 316 (marine) grade stainless steel.

Keylock straight gate opening for snag free gate opening.

The keylock system, patented by Kong in 1985, takes its name from the unique shape of the connection between the gate and the body of the connector that resembles a door keyhole.

The real advantage of this system is that there is absolutely no need for any teeth on the body of the carabiner or on the gate which is completely cylindrical. This removes any points where the rope or webbing could get snagged, all the sharp edges found on traditional gates have been eliminated for comfort and ease of use.

Also referred to as Carabiner, Karabiner, Crab, Snap link.

Dimension Information:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Kong Carabiner Dimension Information

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