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Carabiner - Bent Gate - Asymmetric D Shape - Blue

Bent Gate Carabiner - Aluminium with Blue Anodised Finish.

Lightweight utility carabiner with solid bent gate, manufactured from aluminium with a durable anodised finish.

Carabiner - Bent Gate - D Shape - Blue

Break Load
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11mm Carabiner 11 100 58.5 25 2200 CC-110-GMG £11.50
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Carabiner ideal for attaching sporting gear, water bottles, keys, chalk bags and camera equipment, great for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, hiking and travelling.

Asymmetrical D Shape.

Manufactured from aluminium with a high quality blue anodised finish.

Easy to operate spring loaded gate opening.

Gate Clearance: 25mm

Important: This carabiner is NOT intended for Lifting or Safety Equipment.

Dimension Information:

  • Diameter (): 11mm
  • Length (L): 100mm
  • Width (B): 58.5mm
  • Gate (C): 25mm
  • Break load: 2200 kg
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