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Carabiner - Locking Screwgate - Oval Shape - Blue

Screwgate Carabiner - Aluminium with Hard-wearing Anodised Finish.

Oval shape carabiner with secure locking screwgate in durable lightweight aluminium, perfect for attaching sporting gear.

Carabiner with Screwgate - Oval Shape - Blue

Break Load
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12mm Carabiner 12 113 62.5 19 2400 CSG-120-OBL £12.92
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Strong screw lock carabiner with a classic hooked nose and screwgate sleeve.

Oval Shape.

Manufactured from aluminium with bright blue anodised finish.

Screwgate in an easily recognisable yellow gold finish.

Easy to operate and lock firmly.

Gate Clearance: 19mm

Important: This carabiner is NOT intended for Lifting or Safety Equipment.

Dimension Information:

  • Diameter (): 12mm
  • Length (L): 113mm
  • Width (B): 62.5mm
  • Gate (C): 19mm
  • Break load: 2400 kg
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