Trigger Hook Rope Fitting - Polished Brass

Brass Trigger Snap End Hook to Fit 24mm Diameter Rope

Brass trigger end hook ideal for 24mm Ø garden decking ropes and for crowd control rope barriers.

Trigger Snap Hook Rope Fitting - Brass

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Brass rope hook with easy to use trigger snap hook to add a stylish finish to your decking/barrier rope project.

The trigger snap mechanism ensures rope ends have a secure closure to end plates and eyelets.

Designed to accept 24mm diameter rope.

High quality polished brass finish.

Rope is secured in to the end fitting using two central screws.

Supplied as individual component.

Please note: hooks are designed for our 24mm decking and barrier rope and we cannot guarantee that rope sourced elsewhere will fit our end fittings


  • Height (H): 99mm
  • Diameter (D): 36mm
  • Inner Diameter (D2): 30mm
  • Inner Depth (H1): 33mm
  • Jaw (J): 13mm
  • Hook Inner Diameter (D1): 17mm
  • Hook Thickness (T): 5.6mm
Trigger Snap Hook - Brass - Rope Assembly

Decking Rope - 24mm Ø 3 Strand Hempex Rope

Strong and hard wearing synthetic rope with authentic look and feel just like natural rope.

Buy 3 Strand Hempex Rope
3 Strand Hempex Rope


To attach your rope to the hook fittings, simply unscrew the two centre screws, place your decking rope into the hook and screw the centre screws back in place. Ensuring each centre screw has gone through your decking rope.

Tip: for strong or tough natural rope, you may need to tape and drill your rope to accept the central screw.

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