Gripple Tensioners for Garden Wire Trellis

10 Pack of Tensioners/Tensulators for Gripple Garden Wire Trellis

Durable plastic Gripples remove the need for twisting and knotting of trellis wire, simply pass nylon wire through the reception holes and lock in place.

Gripple Garden Trellis Tensioners

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Multi-pack of 10 Tensioners manufactured from nylon, which is reinforced with glass-fibre, the internal ceramic gripping mechanism and stainless steel springs are engineered for a long life and optimum corrosion resistance.

Simple push fit mechanism allowing multiple lines to be installed in minutes and tensioned by hand.

Serrated rollers allow the wire to pass smoothly though in one direction only. If any load is applied in the opposite direction, the rollers bite, locking the wire firmly in place.

Further tension can always be applied as and when required.

Tensioners should only be used with Gripple Trellis Wire.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, perfect in humid glasshouses.

Gripple Tensioner/Tensulator
Gripple Wire Trellis Systems

Gripple Tensioners are designed, engineered and manufactured here in the United kingdom.

Made In Britain

Tensioner Operation

Gripple Tensioner Installation

1. Simply thread the nylon wire through one of the large holes in the Gripple tensioner.

2. Pass nylon wire through or around fixing point then feed back through the second large hole of the Gripple tensioner.

3. Pull the tail wire until required tension is achieved.

Note:To remove or re-use the tensioner you will need to cut the wire and pull remaining wire through tensioner.

Gripple Tensioner - 10 Pack

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