Gripple Garden Wire Trellis Kit - Starter Pack

The Quick and Easy Way to Trellis Climbing Plants and Fruit

Simple nylon wire tensioning trellis system that gives long-lasting support and won't rust!

Gripple Garden Wire Trellis - Starter Pack

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Ideal for climbing crops such as beans and tomatoes, cane fruits such as raspberries and blackberries or ornamentals like wisteria, roses and clematis

From simple straight lines to elaborate fan, zigzag or diamond layouts the choice is yours.

Durable, easy to use solid nylon wire.

Easy to tension with the award winning Gripple Tensioner.

No twisting or bending.

Won't rot, won't rust.

Use inside and out, ideal for greenhouses.

Each kit contains:

  • 4 x Gripple Tensioners
  • 4 x Vine Eyes.
  • 30 Metres (100ft) Nylon Trellis Wire.

Vine Eye Dimensions

  • Length: 83mm
  • Overall eye diameter: 20mm
  • Inside eye diameter: 10mm
  • Thread length: 23mm
Wire Trellis Kit - Gripple
Gripple Wire Trellis Systems

Gripple Tensioners are designed, engineered and manufactured here in the United kingdom.

Made In Britain

Installation Advice

Start by setting your fixing points, the key to a good trellis is a strong anchor point. Vine eyes can be mounted directly on to timber, for brickwork and concrete you will need to drill and plug for best results.

Vine eye supports should be placed every 3 to 3.5 metres, additional vine eyes and supports can be added to any trellis.

Gripple Garden Wire Trellis Installation
Gripple Garden Wire Trellis Installation

1. Pull the nylon wire from the centre of the reel and feed through any support vine eyes, before the final vine eye simply thread the nylon wire through one of the large holes in the Gripple tensioner.

2. Pass nylon wire through the end vine eye and then back through the second large hole of the Gripple tensioner.

3. Remember to leave enough wire protruding so you can apply tension later. Repeat this process at the other end of trellis.

Tip: You will need to roughly trim your wire before placing second tensioner, always over estimate as you can trim to size later.

4. To tension remove any slack and pull the tail wires at each end, the tensioners internal gripping mechanism will lock your nylon wire securely, for extra tension you can use a pair of pliers to pull the tail wire. Once happy with the tension you can trim the tail ends to approximately 8cm, for a neat and tidy finish.

Note:To remove or re-use the tensioner you will need to cut the wire and pull remaining wire through tensioner.

Gripple Garden Wire Trellis - Brickwork mounted

Wire trellis mounted on to brickwork using an additional wall plug (not supplied) to suit mounting surface.

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