Double End Post - Glass Mount - 10mm Bar Rail

Glass Mounting End Post for Double 10mm Gallery Rail

End post designed to hold two 10mm tubular rods, for mounting on 4mm - 12mm glass shelving.

10mm Bar Railing - Glass Mount

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End Post 10 15 131 4 - 12 1 11.0685.010.20 £11.38
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Key Features:

Glass Mount
4mm - 12mm Glass Mount.
10mm Stainless Steel Rod and Bar
Designed to accept 10mm Diameter Rod and Bar.
Manufactured From Zintec
Manufactured from Zintec.
Drilling Required
Glass will require professional drilling.

Glass mount double mini rail end post perfect for restaurants, public houses, commercial settings, boats, caravans and motorhomes.

End Post designed to fit glass thickness of 4mm up to 12mm.

Glass will need to be professionally drilled at production stage with a 5.5mm-6mm hole for installation.

Post diameter of 15mm with an height of 131mm.

Manufactured from Zintec with a protective stainless steel effect finish.

Zintec is a cold rolled mild steel that has been electronically coated thin layer of zinc.

Optional post adapters for corners and angles available.

Double Mini Rail End Post Glass Mount Position

Installation Advice

End Post Mini Rail Installation Advice

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