Drill Bit with Stop for Hardwood Handrail

Wood Drill Bit and Adjustable Stopper

High quality 15mm diameter drill bit with stop for wood. Ideal for drilling multiple holes all at the same depth.

Drill Bit with Stop

Drill Bit with Stop

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Drill Bit - 15mm 15 19.0708.015.00 £13.20

Stopper can be easily re-positioned with the use of a hex head key.

Designed for installation of hardwood handrail corner and end fittings where a wood plug is required for a secure connection.

Required for the installation of:

90 Degree Elbow

90 Degree Elbow for lacquered beech handrail

Adjustable Elbow

Adjustable Elbow for lacquered beech handrail

Arched End Cap

Arched End Cap for lacquered beech handrail.

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