Easy Glass Smart+ Fascia Mount Frameless Glass Balustrade

Fascia mounting glass channel balustrade system with quick and easy glass alignment!

Designed for 17.52mm and 21.52mm glass thickness.

Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade

Side mount Easy Glass Smart+ frameless balustrade is designed to accommodate glass thickness of 17.52mm and 21.52 mm.

Profiles are manufactured from aluminium with a brushed anodised finish.

Fascia channel profiles are supplied with pre-drilled holes.

The adjustable Q-disc system, allows for quick installation and precise alignment of individual glass panels every time.

Adjustable Q-Disc System

Smart+ Glass Balustrade - Fascia Mount

Designed for: Light to medium use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Applications: Balustrades, French balconies and stairways
Material: Aluminium
Finish: Brushed, anodised
Glass Thickness: 17.52 and 21.52mm
Top Finish: Cap rail, U-profile or edge protection
Max Line Loads: 0.74 kN/m
Powder Coating

Powder Coating

We can now powder coat Easy Glass Smart+ profiles to any given RAL colour of your choice.

This a bespoke service, with components being powder coated to order.

For further information simply contact our sales and technical team on 01302 752 504 or email us at info@s3i.co.uk

Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade


Optimised fixing with minimal use of anchors in base-shoe installation.

A choice of base channel fixing methods.

Suitable for concrete and timber* surfaces.

Individual glass panel adjustment of up to 0.6° vertically.

Installation work all takes place inside the balustrade.

Water drainage profiles available.

In Our Opinion

Mounting Advice

Any quoted figures about the performance of these products relate to installing into concrete.

*Please take advice from an engineer or specialist when installing into any other material, such as timber*.

Fast assembly in just a few steps

Assemble your entire glass railing in record time and with minimum effort. First attach the bottom profile of the railing to the fixing surface and then insert the inlay and the outer rubber of the Q-disc system.

Now position the glass, for larger glass panels, we recommend using our Installation Plate, which prevents the glass from tilting or the inlays from slipping.

Q-discs are then inserted between the glass filling and the inlays. An audible clicking sound confirms that the disc is properly seated.

To secure glass, tighten the discs with the Q-tool and a torque wrench.

Finally, insert the inner rubber on the profile of the glass railing.

Easy adjustment

The adjustable Q-disc system allows you to compensate for unevenness and to precisely align individual glass panes. Before tightening the discs and inserting the inner rubber, use the Q tool to move the inlay, this allows you to continuously change the orientation of the glass by up to 0.6° vertically.

Once perfectly aligned, twist the Q-discs tight and insert the final rubber. Alignment of the glass can be carried out from the inside of the balcony.

Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Installation

Need some help?

Download and print our installation advice sheet for Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade.

Download Fascia Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade Installation
Download Top Mount Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade Installation
Anchor base channel and insert inlay
Insert glass and Q-disc, secure glass
Unlock Q-Disc to adjust glass position
Slide Q-Disc to align glass, lock Q-Disc to secure
Place rubber inserts into position, finish with plastic plugs or cladding