Drainage Profile - Fascia Mount - Easy Glass Smart+ Balustrade

Aluminium Drainage Spacers for Side Mounted Glass Balustrade Profiles

Effective water drainage profiles designed to sit between Smart+ fascia profiles and wall surfaces.

Drainage Profile - Fascia - Easy Glass Smart+

Options Length
Material Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
Drainage Profile 590 122 10 Aluminium 168337-18 £30.30
7-10 days

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Key Features:

Easy Glass Smart Plus
Important: only compatible with SMART+ balustrade components.
Manufactured from aluminium.
Brushed Anodised Finish
Brushed anodised finish.

Drainage spacers are designed to allow water to pass through freely, thus reducing the likelihood of water pooling.

Aluminium construction with a brushed anodised finish.

Perfect for use on outdoor glass balustrade installations, such as balconies and garden patios.

Sold Individually.

Tip: Regularly inspect your balustrade and clear any debris or blockages that may hinder water drainage. Keep the drainage openings clean and free from dirt, leaves, or other obstructions to ensure proper water flow.

Drainage Profile Dimensions

Length: 590mm

Width: 122mm

Depth: 10mm

Bore Diameter Mounting Side: 116mm x 16mm

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