Beta Pin - Stainless Steel, Marine Grade 316

Stainless Steel Beta Pin

Beta pin in 316 grade stainless steel (A4-AISI) for indoor, outdoor and marine environments.

Beta Pin

Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
2 mm Beta Pin 2 49 BP-2 £0.54
In stock
2.5 mm Beta Pin 2.5 55 BP-25 £1.01
In stock
3 mm Beta Pin 3 70 BP-3 £1.42
In stock
4 mm Beta Pin 4 79 BP-4 £3.12
In stock
5 mm Beta Pin 5 101 BP-5 £4.90
In stock
6 mm Beta Pin 6 126 BP-6 £7.54
In stock

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Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel
316 grade stainless steel.


Stainless steel Beta Pin or Clip.

Also known as an R-pin, R-key, bridge pin, hairpin cotter pin, hairpin cotter, bridge pin, hitch pin or spring cotter pin, is a fastener made of a springy material, commonly hardened metal wire, in the shape of the letter 'R' or the greek letter 'Beta'.

Dimension Information:

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