Square Floor Mounting Base Glass Clamp

Stainless Steel Square Floor Mounting Glass Clamp to fit 12mm to 17.52mm Glass Panels

Square Floor Mounting Base Glass Clamp

Options Grade T
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
12mm Glass 316 12 14.6212.000.12.GC £183.54
In stock
12.76mm Glass 316 12.76 14.6213.000.12.GC £183.54
In stock
13.52mm Glass 316 13.52 14.6214.000.12.GC £183.54
In stock
15mm Glass 316 15 14.6215.000.12.GC £183.54
In stock
16.76mm Glass 316 16.76 14.6217.000.12.GC £183.54
In stock
17.52mm Glass 316 17.52 14.6218.000.12.GC £183.54
In stock

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Key Features:

316 Stainless Steel
Available in 316 grade (exterior) stainless steel.
12mm to 17.52mm glass panels
Options to support 12mm to 17.52mm glass panel.
320 grit satin finish
320 grit satin finish.
Hex Head Key Required
Requires use of a Hex Head Key for installation.

Square floor mounting base glass clamp, specifically designed for upright glass balustrade systems.

Produced from high quality 316 grade stainless steel.

Different size options available to fit glass panels ranging from 12mm to 17.52mm.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Please Note

Please Note

Cover Cap is not included with this Glass Clamp.
Square Cover Cap available separately.

Installation Advice:

Square Floor Mount Base Installation
Square Floor Mount Glass Clamp Installation
Square Floor Mount Base Glass Clamp Installation

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