Cable Display Kits

Complete Cable Display Kits with Top, Bottom Fixings and Stainless Steel Wire Rope

Cable Display Kits

Create your own unique and stylish cable display with ease using our ´Easy Fit´ suspended glass shelving and vertical signage display system. Ideal for the home, galleries, commercial and office settings

Cable display kits are supplied complete with ´Easy Fit´ top and bottom fittings, with 4 metres of 2.5mm diameter 7x7 stainless steel wire rope for you to trim to the size required.

A great range of mounting combinations available: floor to ceiling, floor to wall, ceiling to wall and wall to wall.

Simply choose the style of mounting kit to suit your display and then add the support components you require.

Shelving and support clamps are simple to install and easy to adjust, allowing for perfect positioning every time.

Note: Shelving NOT included.

Cable Display Kits Include:

  • 1 x Top Fitting
  • 1 x Bottom Fitting.
  • 4 Metres of 2.5mm Diameter 7x7 Stainless Steel Wire Rope.
Cable Display Kits

These high quality cable display kits are designed to accept horizontal and vertical supports from the ´Easy Fit´ cable display and wire hanging system.

Adjustable Shelf Support - Single
Adjustable Shelf Support - Double
Fixed Shelf Support - Single
Fixed Shelf Support - Double
Horizontal Shelf Support
Vertical Shelf Support

View the full range of supports and connectors here



Always check that mounting surfaces are strong enough to take the weight of the items being displayed.

No responsibility will be taken for incorrect loading.
This responsibility rests with the installer.

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