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Suspended Cable Display and Wire Hanging System

Easy Fit Cable Display System

The Easy Fit Cable Display System has been designed to create displays quickly and easily, offering a full range of component parts that can be combined to create an innovative and stylish display every time.

This suspended display and wire hanging system can be installed floor to ceiling, floor to wall, ceiling to wall and wall to wall.

Easy Fit offers a quick and economical way to order glass shelving displays when presenting products or wherever visual communication is important. Providing an elegant display solution that is perfect for installation in the home, museums, art galleries, public buildings and traditional or modern commercial environments.

Tensioners and shelf connector fittings are designed to fit 2.5mm diameter 7x7 stainless steel wire rope, providing a strong and stylish framework.

All supports will hold glass shelving or acrylic panels with a thickness of 5mm to 8mm.

Shelf supports and vertical supports are easy to position and adjust allowing for maximum flexibility.

Simply order the combination of fittings and 2.5mm diameter stainless steel wire rope you require for your application.

Please note: Easy Fit Cable Display System is ONLY suitable for interior applications.



Easy Fit Cable Display System MUST be used in conjunction with 2.5mm 7x7 construction stainless steel wire rope only.

Floor to Ceiling Suspended Cable Displays

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