Chemical Anchor Resin Capsule - Chemical Bonding Agent

Foil Capsule Adhesive Anchor for Heavy-Duty Anchoring in Concrete

An ingenious solution for applying the precise amount of high strength anchor adhesive quickly without mess and waste.

Chemical Anchor - Resin Capsule

Options Drill Bit
Standard Embedment Depth
Pack Size Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
M8x80 Capsule 10 80 1 CHEM-CAP-08 £3.92
M10x90 Capsule 12 90 1 CHEM-CAP-10 £4.42
M12x110 Capsule 14 110 1 CHEM-CAP-12 £4.93
M16x125 Capsule 18 125 1 CHEM-CAP-16 £8.24
M20x170 Capsule 22 170 1 CHEM-CAP-20 £10.37

These pre-portioned flexible foil capsules are designed to fix heavy-duty fastenings securely in un-cracked concrete and masonry, such as anchor bolts and threaded rods.

Available in foil capsule sizes to fit 10mm, 12mm, 14mm and 18mm drill holes, these foil capsule adhesives are ideal for on-site situations.

Styrene-free and virtually odourless this adhesive is suitable for a wide range of conditions.

Suitable for:

  • Indoor Environments
  • Outdoor Environments
  • Dry Conditions
  • Damp Conditions
  • Highly Corrosive Conditions

Technical information

PDF Data Sheet

Hilti HSE Information Sheet

PDF Data Sheet

Hilti Technical Data Sheet

PDF Data Sheet

Declaration of Performance

PDF Data Sheet

European Technical Assessment

The perfect choice for a quick and easy installation

1. Drill your hole using the drill bit required.

Drill Hole

2. Clean any debris and dust with a small brush and air pump to ensure a good bonding surface.

Remove Dust And Debris

3. Simply insert foil capsule fully into the drill hole.

Insert Foil Capsule

4. Insert the anchor bolt so that it breaks open the foil seal to release the adhesive. Once in place twist the bolt around to ensure you have a uniform coverage of adhesive.

Screw In Anchor To Break Seal

5. Allow to set thoroughly for a secure fixing.

Allow To Set Thoroughly


Chemical Anchor - Resin Capsule

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2 years ago
Item not received, unacceptable time scale for delivery. I would like to have the chance to rate the item but I have still not received it. For a trades man doing a job this company is no good.

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