Phillimore Walk Rooftop Gardens

Trellis and Planters

An installation of bespoke stainless steel trellis panels for a shared rooftop garden at an apartment building overlooking Kensington High Street in West London.

Phillimore Walk Roof Top Gardens Trellis and Planters

Bespoke made to measure stainless steel frames, using our Balustrade Wire System as a wire trellis infill.

Balustrade Wire Trellis

The ball and socket cable system is ideal for mounting to the inner frame.

90 Degree Cross Clamps

The trellis wires are held in position using 90 Degree Cross Clamps.

Balustrade Wire Allows For More Light

Balustrade wires provide a great infill that is not intrusive, allowing for more light.

Pre-fixed Tensioner

Made to measure cables are quick and easy to install and have pre-fixed an adjustable tensioner for the perfect fit.

Perfect for trailing plants

This trellis system acts as a great support for trailing plants to grow and flourish.

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