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Swarovski Crystal Palace "Osmosis" Sculpture

Swarovski Diamond Skeleton by Arik Levy

Acclaimed designer, Arik Levy, was commissioned by Swarovski to create an installation at the Salone Internazionale Del Mobile, Milan, in April.

Swarovski Diamond Skeleton

Titled 'Osmosis', the exhibition is inspired by - and constructed with - the concept of crystal. 'Osmosis' - ultimate equalisation between and area of high concentration an one of low concentration - is also the theme of the creations, exploring the nature of [the] osmosis from the urban landscape into the environment of the installation [opening] up a journey into the micro versus macro expression of architecture.

Osmosis Sculpture by Arik Levy

The Swarovski Crystal Palace aims to highlight the uses and versatility of the Swarovski product, and has previously collaborated with notable architects and designers such as the proflic Zaha Hadid, Studio Job, Tom Dixon and Fernando and Humberto Campana.

Swarovski Diamond Skeleton
Arik Levy sculpture for Swarovski Crystal
Arik Levy sculpture for Swarovski Crystal
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S3i - Stainless Steel Solutions - were commissioned by Swarovski to engineer and build these pieces.

Installing the Osmosis sculpture
Manufacturing the Osmosis sculpture
Casting the Osmosis sculpture
Casting the Osmosis sculpture
Casting Components for the Osmosis sculpture
Design Drawings for the Osmosis sculpture
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