Tie Bar - Retrofit Swimming Pool

Architectural Stainless Steel Tie Bar System - Swimming Pool, Hampshire

A stunning example of our architectural tie bar system being used for a retrofit of this swimming pool at a private residence, Hampshire. We love this project, turning a tired old pool building into a light, spacious and stylish setting.

Tie Bar - Retrofit Swimming Pool

Lovingly restored by the home owner who ensured every detail had been thoroughly thought out with a Chartered Structural Engineer who has designed and supervised the project.

High quality workmanship has been carried out by a specialist local contractor with experience of this type of work.

Original Swimming Pool

Original swimming pool (above) with timber columns and supports.

Architectural Tie Bar System

The structural tie bar arrangement has allowed for the removal of the upright columns, providing more space around the pool.

Architectural Tie Bar System connected to mounting plates

This installation uses our SBS-450 Tie bar System, with all components produced from Duplex grade stainless steel, offering fantastic strength and corrosion resistance.

Architectural Tie Bar System - Duplex Stainless Steel

All brackets and plates have been designed and fabricated by a local precision engineering firm.

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