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Wichard Safety Snap Hook HR - High Resistance Quality Marine Fitting

Safety Snap Hook by Wichard in HR Stainless Steel

Wichard Safety Snap Hook HR

Available Options L
Break Load
Code Price (inc VAT)  
75mm HR Snap Hook 75 12 10 1100 1800 WD-2381-HR £19.51
100mm HR Snap Hook 100 17 14 2100 4000 WD-2382-HR £39.50

Key Features:

17.4PH Stainless Steel Available in 17.4 PH stainless steel.
Safe Working Load Product has quoted safe working load.
Break Load Product has quoted break load.


High resistance 17.4PH stainless steel.

Wichard snaps and hooks, are the product of cutting-edge technological development, they are simple, safe and strong.

Outstanding working loads in all positions.

Compact design.

The Wichard range intended for safety fixing of deck and rigging components, provides an elegant and effective solution.

The range is also used in the industrial sector for architectural purposes and interior applications.

Registered Design, Made in France

This high quality stainless steel safety snap hook has been engineered and manufactured in France.

Made In France

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Wichard Safety Snap Hook HR

5.0 / 5 (1)
8 months ago
Excellent piece of kit. Well made and up for the job in hand.

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