Cover Disc - 1.5mm x M8 Posilock Wire Display

Posilock Cover Disc

Cover Disc - 1.5mm x M8 Posilock System

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Key Features:

Nickel Plated Brass
Manufactured from nickel plated brass.
M8 Thread
M8 thread.

Cover Disc for 1.5mm Wire Rope Display System

Stylish high quality cover disc with M8 thread, designed to work with threaded components and fittings from the 1.5mm Posilock Wire Display System.

Dimension Information:

  • Thread (A): M8
  • Height (B): 7mm
  • Diameter (ØD): 30mm

How It Works

Cable Cover Disc Mechanism

Designed to fit onto M8 Dual Thread Wood Anchors and M8 Threaded Studs (available Separately). Attach your threaded anchor, ensuring a secure fix. Simply screw the cover cap onto your threaded anchor so that cover plate sits flush to the mounting surface. Now you can now add your chosen Posilock components.

Posilock Cover Disc Installation Advice
Posilock Cover Disc in place
Cover Disc With Posilock Display System Components
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