6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

6x36 Strand Wire Rope in A4-AISI 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Highest quality marine grade stainless steel cable from 10mm diameter to 36mm diameter.

6x36 Stainless Steel Wire Rope

6x36 Wire Rope - Stainless Steel

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10mm 6x36 Wire Rope 10 55.93 5700 39.80 WR36-10 £7.15
In stock
12mm 6x36 Wire Rope 12 80.55 8210 57.31 WR36-12 £11.00
In stock
14mm 6x36 Wire Rope 14 109.63 11175 78.01 WR36-14 £19.68
In stock
16mm 6x36 Wire Rope 16 143.19 14595 101.89 WR36-16 £21.62
In stock
18mm 6x36 Wire Rope 18 181.23 18475 128.95 WR36-18 £28.27
In stock
20mm 6x36 Wire Rope 20 223.74 22800 159.20 WR36-20 £34.09
In stock
22mm 6x36 Wire Rope 22 270.72 27600 192.63 WR36-22 £41.99
In stock
24mm 6x36 Wire Rope 24 322.18 32840 229.45 WR36-24 £51.92
In stock
26mm 6x36 Wire Rope 26 378.12 38540 269.05 WR36-26 POA
In stock
28mm 6x36 Wire Rope 28 438.53 44700 312.03 WR36-28 POA
In stock
30mm 6x36 Wire Rope 30 503.41 51310 358.20 WR36-30 POA
In stock
32mm 6x36 Wire Rope 32 572.77 58385 407.55 WR36-32 POA
In stock

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Wire Rope Load Definitions and Explanations

MBL - Minimum Break Load = The stress which, when steadily applied to a structural member, is just sufficient to break or rupture it. Also known as ultimate load.

Technical Standards

Wire rope and strand are manufactured from high tensile, high quality AISI 316 stainless steel grade 1.4401 in fully austenitic condition to give maximum corrosion resistance.

Wire rope dimensions and stainless steel tensile grades conform to BS MA 29 which stipulates tolerances on nominal diameter and minimum tensile strength for wire rope sizes and minimum breaking forces for strands and ropes.

Full certification of conformance is available, please call to request this.

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