Balloch Bridge Tensioned Cable Balustrade

Balloch Bridge, Cable Balustrade

Stainless steel balustrade wire installation at Balloch bridge.

Balloch bridge

In July 2004 S3i Stainless Steel Solutions provided the 6mm 1x19 cable balustrading on the lateral pedestrian extensions on the existing road bridge at Balloch Bridge.

New pedestrian walkways were required following the widening of the existing road.

Stainless Steel Wire - Balloch Bridge

The stainless steel deck balustrade railing wires have provided additional safety whilst maintaining the view.

Balustrade Wire Installation - Balloch Bridge

The wire assemblies are made from marine grade stainless steel (316 grade) which is ideal for harsh coastal environments.

Balloch Bridge Pedestrian Extension
Tensioned Stainless Steel Wire Assemblies

The photos below show some of the stages of installation and give an idea of the kind of specialised service that we can offer.

S3i Installation

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