Biddulph Bridge

Architectural Tie Bars - Cable Balustrade Infill

Biddulph Bridge Tie Bars and Tension Cables

Biddulph Bridge Tie Bars and Tensioned Wire

High Tensile stainless steel tie bars with connection plates, stainless steel wire infill and large king pins.

Stainless Steel Tie Bars and Tension Wire Assemblies on Bridge at Biddulph

The cable assembly is made from marine grade stainless steel (316 grade) therefore is perfect for harsh environments.

Stainless Steel Architectural Tie Bars

Stainless steel tie bar system manufactured to a high specification and is perfect for architectural use.

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Assemblies

The tensioned wire rope assemblies have been made to measure to span the bridge in one straight run, this not only acts as a good safety measure but also looks neat and tidy.

Architectural Tie Bars

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