Clevis Shortening Clutch with Safety Pin - Grade 80

G80 Clevis Shortening Clutch with Safety Pin for Lifting Chain Slings - Tested and Certified

Chain shortening clutch with clevis and integral safety pin in grade 80 alloy steel for lifting chain applications.

Clevis Shortening Clutch - Safety Pin - G80

Options WLL
Chain Ø
B / D
M / N
Code Price (inc VAT) Quantity 
2 Tonne 2 7/8 0.41 50 9.5 33 92 33/23 9.2 XN638-07 £14.28
7-10 days
3.15 Tonne 3.15 10 0.75 60 11.5 43 115 42.2/26 13.3 XN638-10 £30.60
7-10 days
5.3 Tonne 5.3 13 1.67 79 15 55 149 54/34 16.3 XN638-13 £44.88
7-10 days

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Key Features:

G80 Alloy Steel
High tensile grade 80 alloy steel.
Working Load Limit
Quoted working load limit.
EN 1677-1
Conforms to European Standard EN 1677-1.

Working load limit range of 2 Tonne up to 5.3 Tonne (Never Exceed WLL).

Clevis shortening clutch available for 7mm/8mm, 10mm and 13mm diameter lifting chain.

Super alloy steel construction.

Fatigue rated x 1.5 Working Load Limit (WLL) for 20,000 cycles

Proof tested - 2.5 times Working Load Limit.

100% Magnaflux crack detected.

All load pins are 100% individually inspected and tested.

Red painted finish.

Conforms to EN 1677-1.

Safety factor 4:1

Each Clevis Shortening Clutch is supplied with the relevant certification.

We recommend only using Grade 80 Clevis Shortening Clutches with Grade 80 Chain and Components.

Note: As you may expect because these products are often used in critical safety applications any returns will be carefully inspected for signs of usage prior to any refunds being offered.

Information Download:

PDF Data Sheet

Download Data Sheet

Download Clevis Shortening Clutch with Safety Pin G80 Information

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