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Corner Handrail Connector - Glass Channel Balustrade

Stainless Steel Corner Handrail Connector

Interior Use:

Corner Handrail Connector - Model 6313

Available Options Grade
Code Price (inc VAT)  
304 Grade, 42.4mm 304 42.4 30 13.6313.042.12 £31.56
304 Grade, 48.3mm 304 48.3 35 13.6313.048.12 £38.82

Exterior Use:

Corner Handrail Connector - Model 6313

Available Options Grade
Code Price (inc VAT)  
316 Grade, 42.4mm 316 42.4 30 14.6313.042.12 £35.10
316 Grade, 48.3mm 316 48.3 35 14.6313.048.12 £43.14

Key Features:

304 grade stainless steel Available in 304 grade (interior) stainless steel.
316 grade stainless steel Available in 316 grade (exterior) stainless steel.
To support 42.4mm diameter To fit 42.4mm diameter tube.
48.3mm diameter To fit 48.3mm diameter tube.
320 grit satin finish To a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish.
High Strength Fixative Suitable for fixing with high strength Adhesive.
Rubber Handrail Gasket Designed for Rubber Handrail Gasket mounting.

Corner connectors to join straight sections of glass channel handrail. Manufactured to fit neatly and with very low tolerances.

In either 304 (interior) grade or 316 (exterior) stainless steel and to a brushed satin finish.

Available for either 42.4mm or 48.3mm diameter tube.

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