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Cover Profile - Tube - Channel Balustrade - LED Handrail Lighting

Plastic Cover Profile for Tubular Channel Handrail with LED Strip Lighting

Cover Profile - Tube - Channel Balustrade - LED Handrail Lighting

Available Options Material Finish Length
Code Price (inc VAT)  
Clear Cover Profile Plastic Clear 2500 24.5090.000.03 £32.94
Frosted Cover Profile Plastic Frosted 2500 24.5090.000.06 £32.94

Key Features:

LED Handrail Lighting Designed for use with LED handrail lighting.
High Grade Plastic Clear and frosted high grade plastic.
To Fit Channel Handrail To fit channel handrail with U-shape of 24mm.
To Fit 42.4mm Diameter Channel Handrail Fits 42.4mm diameter channel handrail.

Cover Profile - Tube - Plastic - LED Handrail Lighting

Cover profile for LED strip lighting on tubular channel handrail.

Clear and frosted protective covers in high grade plastic for LED handrail lighting.

Provides protection from dust and moisture, while preventing dazzle.

Supplied in lengths of 2500mm, suitable for trimming to the required size.

Designed for simple '1-Click' installation on to channel handrail Girder Section.

To fit 42.4mm diameter tubular handrail with a U-shape channel of 24mm.

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International Delivery Lengths over 1.8 metres are not eligible for international delivery.
Please contact us by phone or email and we will try and find you the best solution.

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