Tubular Handrail Deck Balustrade

Pureleaf Decking Project with Tensioned Balustrade Wire and Stainless Steel Handrail

Strong and sturdy decking balustrade design, using a great combination of timber posts, Stainless Steel Balustrade Wire and Stainless Steel Tubular Handrail.

Pureleaf Balustrade

Flat mounted balustrade wire provides a great infill solution for exterior applications.

Produced in 316 (marine) grade stainless steel and using an ingenious hub mounting system that is easy to install and tension for the perfect fit.

Tensioned Balustrade Wire

Clean and simple handrail design using Tubular Handrail fixed in place using a Wall Flange Fixing Bracket.

Tag: Balustrade Wire, Handrail, Installation, Outdoor Decking, Balcony, Garden Design, Stainless Steel, DIY

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