Geraldine Jones Woven Wire Sculptures and Baskets

Geraldine Jones - Artist

Stainless steel wire ball Sculptures by Geraldine Jones

Incredible creations by the renowned artist Geraldine Jones, who uses her extensive knowledge of basket making techniques to create these wonderful woven structures from stainless steel wire.

Flexible wire baskets by Geraldine Jones

Stainless steel wire baskets folded flat

Geraldine Jones has been a self employed basket maker for over twenty years, co-founding the Salt cellar Workshops in Porthleven with colleague Claire Francis in 1990.

Geraldine's work has included set-specific baskets for film and television, stage props for theatre, woven willow constructions for chain-store window displays in London and Bologna, interior decoration willow work, living willow figures and garden structures.

Stainless steel wire bowl by Geraldine Jones

Large wire basket by Geraldine Jones

Large wire basket seats by Geraldine Jones

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