Gripple Catenary Tensioning Tool

Tensioning Tool for 6mm Catenary Wire Rope System

Gripple Wire Suspension Systems

Gripple Catenary Tension Tool - 6mm

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Tension Tool No.6 6 100 kg 440 40 325 GR-CTI-D6MM-TOOL £220.87
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For use with heavy duty 6mm Gripple Catenary System.

Designed for easy operation.

Apply tension easily with the 6.1 gear drive mechanism.

Integral tension gauge allows for precision tensioning up to 100kg.

The mouth piece has been optimised for perfect connection.

Weighs 1.1kg - Compact and lightweight, convenient for being carried on site.

Suitable for use on 4.75 to 6 mm wire rope diameter.

Applying Tension

Position - Gripple Catenary Tension Tool
Applying Tension - Gripple Catenary Tension Tool

1. Rotate the dial to the required tension (max 100 kg).

2. Position the tool mouthpiece against the Lockable Gripple and open both handles until the cam will accept the tail of the wire rope.

3. Squeeze the handles together to tension and repeat until the torque handle clicks.

4. When the torque handle clicks, the desired tension has been reached and the handle will displace.

Releasing Catenary Wire

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