Heathrow Green Wall

Commercial Green Wall

Heathrow Tensioned Trellis installation by S3i.

Green Wall Installation by S3i

A commercial installation of a green wall curtain surrounding a concrete car park at Heathrow Airport.

Made to Measure Stainless Steel Wires

Bespoke made to measure stainless steel wires have been used for this project.

Perfect for Trailing Plants

The stainless steel cables have provided the perfect environment for the Russian Ivy to thrive.

316 Grade Stainless Steel

All the trellis components are manufactured from high quality marine grade stainless steel to provide a long-lasting finish.

Vertical Mounted Stainless Steel Wires

The tensioned vertical mount wires will provide a strong and stable frame that is not overbearing.

Stand-off Trellis Hubs

The stand-off trellis system hubs are designed for tensioned stainless steel wire, suitable for large scale installations.

Green Wall Coverage

Re-visited once the Russian Ivy has had time to create a beautiful coverage.

Heathrow Green wall Trellis

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