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In-Line Connector - Wooden Handrail - Glass Channel Balustrade

Stainless Steel In-Line Connector for Wood Channel Handrail

In-Line Connector for Wood Handrail

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304 Grade, 42mm 304 42 20.6790.042.12 £10.38

Key Features:

304 Grade Stainless Steel 304 grade (interior) stainless steel.
42mm Diameter Fits 42mm diameter wooden handrail.
Requires Stainless Steel Fixative Requires fixing with a High Strength Stainless Steel Fixative.
Screw Fixing Required Screw fixings required for installation.

In-line tube connector and two adapters for timber handrail on glass channel balustrade, the perfect solution for connecting two long sections of hardwood balustrade handrail.

Designed to fit flush leaving a neat and strong connection.

Fits 42mm diameter channel handrail.

Manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel to a superb brushed sating finish.

Suitable for indoor use only.

Please Note : Adhesive and screw fixings not included.

Installation Advice

1: Attach the mounting adapters to the end of each handrail using a countersunk screw. We recommend using a Q Tool Mounting Adapter Guide to ensure perfect alignment.

2: Place the rubber handrail gasket and the first handrail into position on to your glass.

3: Apply high strength Stainless Steel Adhesive to the first mounting adapter and slide the tube connector cap cover in place, remember to wipe away any excess glue.

4: Place your second handrail and apply adhesive, simply push fit the handrail into the connector.

5: Inspect your connector to ensure it is flush fitting and allow the glue to set.

End Cap for Wooden Channel Handrail - Installation Advice
Connector for Wooden Channel Handrail - Installation Advice

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