Lincoln Road Bridge Balustrade

Stainless Steel Safety Cables

Lincoln A46 Road Bridge Safety Balustrade.

Safety Balustrade On The Lincoln A46 Bridge

An installation to extend the height of a footbridge balustrade to deter climbing and jumping.

Stainless Steel Safety Wires On The Lincoln A46 Bridge

The stainless steel wires are tensioned from one side of the bridge to the other, approximately 80 metres.

Stainless Steel Wire Flexibility

Stainless steel wire offers good flexibility, perfect for corners and angles.

Preparing Uprights For Stainless Steel Wires

The cable lengths have been terminated using fork tensioners that have been swaged.

Stainless Steel Wire With Swaged Fork Tensioners

Tension on the wire has been achieved by rotating the fork tensioner. The stainless steel wire remains static and will not turn.

Stainless Steel Safety Wires Passing Through Uprights

The stainless steel wire has been passed through the baluster uprights to provide a single continuous run.

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