Pergola Wire Trellis for the perfect Green Wall

Stainless Steel Wire Trellis Installation on Garden Pergola

Great example of our 'Green Wall' wire trellis system on this bespoke garden pergola by Hudson Landscaping.

Perfectly laid out design to create a diamond trellis on the rear screen for climbing plants.

Our easy to use hub system allows for a multitude of grid layouts, so you can get creative with your trellis.

All components of our Green Wall Trellis System are produced from 316 (marine) grade stainless steel, perfect for gardens and outside use.

We offer a full range of DIY and made to measure trellis systems, you can view the full collection here.

Garden Pergola with Wire Trellis Green Wall System
Diamond Trellis Pattern
Stainless Steel Trellis Hubs and Wire Rope
Garden Pergola with Wire Trellis Screens
Garden Pergola by Hudson Landscaping

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