McLaren Partitioning Balustrade

Stainless steel balustrade for use as a partitioning system.

S3i manufactured a stainless steel portable balustrade for use in the McLaren factory, Surrey.

McLaren required a portable yet simple partitioning system to segregate the production line for the P1 sports car.

Portable balustrade used for segregating the production line.

The vertical balustrade posts were specially designed to slot into floor sockets, creating a secure yet removable structure.

Floor sockets contained an inner nylon sleeve to minimize movement.

A slider mechanism was used on the handrail posts to secure the tubes or release when required.

Handrail component contains a simple slotting mechanism

Balustrade in use at the McLaren factory, Surrey

Proposed balustrade design created for McLaren.

Portable balustrade designed to be used as segregation for the production line.

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