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Square Mounting Adapter - Flat - Threaded

Stainless steel threaded mounting adapter - square line system

Mounting Adapter - Flat - Threaded - Square Line

Available Options Grade Thread Code Price (inc VAT)  
304 Grade 304 M10 13.4733.040.12 £9.36

Key Features:

304 grade stainless steel Available in 304 grade (interior) stainless steel.
To fit 40mm x 40mm profile stainless steel tube To fit 40mm x 40mm profile stainless steel tube.
320 grit satin finish To a superb brushed 320 grit satin finish.
M10 threaded fitting With M10 threaded fitting.
Easy Hit product Recommended EASY HIT Hammer for installation.

Flat topped, M10 threaded universal square balustrade mounting adapter.

For inserting into 40mm x 40mm square profile tube or handrail.

Only available in 304 (interior) grade stainless steel and to a brushed satin finish.

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