Sta-Lok Turnbuckle - Fork and Blank - Bronze and Chrome Marine Body Turnbuckle

Sta-Lok Turnbuckle - Fork and Blank

Bronze and Chrome marine turnbuckle body with threaded fork at one end, blank at the other end.

Traditional style rigging screw. Manufactured from high tensile forged bronze and chrome plated by Sta-lok Terminals Ltd.

Sta-lok Turnbuckle Fork - Blank

Available Options Wire
Thread Fork Width
Code Price (inc VAT)  
1/4" Fork-Blank 3-4 1/4 6.4 6.2 1319 B30-14 £36.94
5/16" Fork-Blank 4-5 5/16 7.9 7.7 2118 B30-516 £38.34
3/8" Fork-Blank 5-6 3/8 9.5 9.3 3255 B30-38 £46.14
7/16" Fork-Blank 6-7 7/16 11.1 10.9 4388 B30-716 £54.68
1/2" Fork-Blank 7-8 1/2 12.7 12.6 5970 B30-12 £66.90
5/8" Fork-Blank 8-10 5/8 15.9 15.6 9613 B30-58 £140.29
3/4" Fork-Blank 12 3/4 19.1 18.5 14061 B30-34 £239.34
Sta-Lok Turnbuckle Fork and Blank

Made In Britain

Sta-Lok turnbuckles with fork and blank ends have been engineered and manufactured in the UK.

Made In Britain

General Information

Sta-Lok Turnbuckles

Sta-Lok Bronze Marine Body Turnbuckles

Sta-Lok products are expertly manufactured to the highest standards here in the UK, with a worldwide reputation for outstanding quality, reliability and value.

Also called turnbuckles, rigging screws, tensioners, bottle screws or adjusters.

The Sta-Lok bronze turnbuckle is forged from high tensile bronze alloy and the turnbuckle's aerodynamic design provides one of the strongest bronze turnbuckles in the world today.

Highly finished in polished chromium, Sta-Lok bronze marine body turnbuckles are available with a wide range of stainless steel end fittings to suit most rigging applications.

S3i Video

Video: Stainless Steel Turnbuckles. How do they work?

Stainless Steel Turnbuckles. Demonstration of the mechanics of closed body stainless steel turnbuckles.
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