Trellis Canopy by Jill Foxley

Stainless Steel Wire Trellis Canopy Installation St Eutrope de Born, France

A truly impressive trellis canopy by Jill Foxley - The Perfumed Garden, with all components manufactured by S3i Group.

Starting as a single straight section design in 2018 with the addition of the corner section in 2019 this beautiful canopy fits perfectly with its setting, the wire structure will guide and support climbing plants over time to create a living canopy.

This design uses bespoke stainless steel brackets with the addition of 33.7mm tube compression members at the front for added strength and rigidity.

The tensioned wires are made to measure 6mm - M10 thread stud to stud wire rope assemblies.

All component parts are manufactured from 316 grade stainless steel to provide a hard wearing finish and longevity.

Trellis Canopy Installation St Eutrope de Born, France
Stainless Steel Trellis Canopy by Jill Foxley
Wire Structure Will Guide And Support Climbing Plants
Wire Infill Through Corner Section
Bespoke Stainless Steel Wall Brackets
6mm Stainless Steel Trellis Wires
Stainless Steel Trellis Canopy
Full Trellis Canopy Design
Straight Trellis Canopy Section Design

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