Balustrade Cables - Trevone, Cornwall

Balcony Cable Railing

In June 2005 Simon Hurdley used balustrade infills supplied by S3i Ltd to complete the terrace balustrade that he designed for the Pardoe family in Trevone, Cornwall.

All photos are by kind permission of the Pardoe family.

Decking Balustrade Installed at Trevone in Cornwall

Following the mounting of the uprights eight clearance holes were drilled on each post. This enabled him to feed each of the 4mm cable assemblies through each post.

Tensioned Wire Passed Through Mid Posts

Each cable assembly was fitted with an M8 threaded swage stud on each end. When the threaded stud was fed through the anchor post he was able to secure it with a lock nut and dome nut.

Tension by Adjusting the Locking Nuts

It was then possible to achieve a suitable tension on the wire by adjusting the lock nuts accordingly. Simon's design gave the balustrade post a 'floating' look on it's connection with the house's exterior wall.

Decking Balustrade Preserving The View

As this image shows the completed balustrade gives the Pardoe family and their guests a clear and unobstructed view of the local bay.

Tensioned Wires Allow For More Light

This is the view of the balustrade from outside of the property. As you will see Simon's economical design with wooden uprights and stainless steel wire gives the terracing good clean unobstructed lines.

Decking Balustrade Preserving The View

One satisfied customer and the amazing view that can be seen from the terracing!

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